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Building Contract Review Program (BCRP)
The Architects Advisory Association (AAA) has been engaged by the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) as a Service Provider for The Building Contract Review Program (BCRP) with services throughout NSW with additional offices and personnel throughout the Sydney basin. Whether you have a project in the city, the Hunter, Northern beaches, the Tablelands or the Gong we can service your project just about anywhere.
The BCRP aims to assist new entrants to the building industry, as well as existing small to medium builders without demonstrated experience for proposed projects, to have the opportunity of obtaining experience. The program is intended to review the competence of the builder to price and manage a project rather than compliance with building standards.
The BCRP has been introduced by the HBCF to provide builders who do not meet the eligibility criteria to obtain insurance under the HBCF. The BCRP will be used in the following instances (where all other relevant financial and non-financial considerations are satisfactory): 
  • Where the builder has not previously contracted and successfully completed a new single dwelling or alteration project for a homeowner;
  • Where a builder is proposing to contract a larger or more complex project than the builder’s past experience supports;
  •  Where the builder has never before contracted with a developer and successfully completed a multi-unit project;
  • Builders who only satisfy minimum eligibility requirements may be required to participate in the BCRP as a condition of obtaining eligibility for contracts of $50,000 and over; and
  • The program can assist builders to correctly price contracts and test actual cost against a budget.
BCRP allows builders to continue their business while at the same time providing suitable protection for homeowners and the HBCF.
The BCRP is not compulsory for all builders. Builders should see their insurance broker to determine if they need to participate in the Program as a condition of their eligibility.;
Note: Builders do not have to engage Architects Advisory Association until such time a Certificate of Insurance is required for a project.
Architects Advisory Association (AAA) Services to you
  •         Review your contract documentation for each project;
  •         Ensure that you have provided a detailed budget which provides a gross margin that is reasonable for the         project requirements, type, size and value;
  •         Determine the number of site and off-site construction reviews required, taking into account the nature             of the project. The intent is to ensure that the supervision and contract administration is appropriate                 and that the project is running to the budget and contracted completion date;
  •         Undertake the reviews and issue reports giving a comment on the progression or development of your             competence relating to the specific areas that have been reviewed. The final report is also provided to               your insurance agent.
     These responsibilities are outlined in detail in the BCR Builder Agreement available on
Obtaining a Quote From Architects Advisory Association (AAA)
To obtain a quote from Architects Advisory Association please complete the Request for Quote Form
Please email the completed BCRP Form with the relevant Project Application Form (Note: The Project Application Form is to be completed prior to lodgement with the insurance broker).
Once you complete these forms email them to  If you have any questions about BCRP or require assistance with the forms please contact Richard Salman on (02) 8904 0000
Service Standards
Service standards to builders under the BCRP are listed on HBCF’s BCRP website.
Contact Details:
Mr Richard Salman
Tel: (02) 8904 0000
Complaints Management Procedure – Architects Advisory Association (AAA)
A builder, or a broker on behalf of the builder, has the opportunity, within reasonable timeframes, to complain about the level of service provided blueVisions in relation to its BCRP services provided on behalf of the HBCF.
In the first instance, complaints regarding AAA service standards, conduct or alleged breaches of the BCRP Agreement by AAA (whether lodged personally, by telephone, e-mail or in writing) will be handled by AAA. AAA will record the nature of each complaint or dispute and record how it was resolved.
Note: A complaint is to be distinguished from an enquiry. A complaint will only arise for the purposes of reporting to HBCF where the person making the complaint requests the complaint to be registered or to be referred to the internal dispute handling process of AAA. On receipt of a complaint, AAA will ask the complainant whether or not that person wishes the complaint to be registered or referred to the internal dispute settlement process.
Where a complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of AAA review of the original complaint they may request that the matter to be referred by blueVisions to the HBCF for review. A referral to the HBCF is to be formally submitted by AAA, in writing (including e-mail) to the HBCF and be accompanied by all case information (including supporting documentation submitted by, or on behalf of, the complainant) in order for a review to be undertaken.
Process: Architects Advisory Association Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution
Click for process chart
Complaints and disputes referred to Home Builders Compensation Fund (HBCF) - Procedure
The HBCF will consider the submissions of the complainant and AAA and determine the dispute and notify AAA of the decision. AAA is to implement the decision made by HBCF, which is final and binding, as soon as practicable. AAA will notify the complainant of the decision and include contact details for the HBCF should information be required about the decision.
If any complainant requires any additional information about the Complaint and dispute handling procedure they can contact AAA or information can be found on the BCRP website.
Process: Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution Referred to HBCF
BCR Component 1 Services – Contract Documentation Review
This service involves reviewing all contractual arrangements for a project which includes but not limited to, a review of the commercial risks for completion of the Project, review of project schedule and the Home Warranty Insurance application is consistent with works.

BCRP Forms:

Quotation request
Not multiple dwelling
Multiple dwelling
BCRP Program

BCRP SERVICES                                                                                                       

BCR Component 2 Services – Budget and Progress Payment Review
This service involves ensuring that the Builder provides a detailed budget, checking adequately of the Builder’s detailed budget and review and confirm the scheduled payments under the building contract directly relate to the progress of work carried out.
BCR Component 3 Services – Builders Performance Review Schedule
This service involves preparing a performance review schedule to ensure the Builder and the Project will meet industry standards and contractual obligations.
BCR Component 4a Services - Builders Performance Review
Obtain a copy of the certificate of home warranty insurance for the Project from the Builder and check that all details correspond with the contract and the licence of the Builder’s trading entity.
BCR Component 4b Services - Builders Performance Review
Undertake site visits as per the Performance Review Schedule
BCR Component 4c Services - Builders Performance Review
Undertake remote site assessment as per the Performance Review Schedule.
Travel charges, if applicable, for regional and country areas
BCR Component 5 Services – Final Report
Preparation of a final report identifying completion and/or identification of any areas for concern.
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