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About Our Association

Vision Statement

Our vision is that the services we provide are harmonious with and responsible to the people we design for, the communities involved and the environment both locally and globally. We see architecture as good changes to our world.

Who are we?

We are a consortium of independent architects around NSW who have formed to advance the objectives of the Architects Advisory Association and to provide services to the public and builders actioned as individuals or in groups for larger projects.

Founding Members

About Our Association

The objectives of the Architects Association NSW t/as Architects Advisory Association (AAA) exists to:

  • Advocate the value of architecture and architects throughout NSW

  • Advance the professional capability of its members throughout NSW

  • Provide professional opportunities for recently registered architects in NSW

  • Provide fellowship for architects in small practice in NSW

  • Promote the use of architects’ professional services to the NSW public

  • Promote the engagement of architects’ small practices to NSW Government agencies

  • Engage with the public at promotional events, to advance public perception of architects’ services

  • Liaise with other professional bodies in areas of mutual interest

  • Provide professional services to the public

  • Provide advisory services to builders

  • Provide services to individuals or families with special needs through the NDIS.

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